skimmers asap


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always gets me how arrogant some plasterers get, you walk around covered in dust waving a hawk and trowel about. get over yourself.
But you can’t do its a different ball game crack on with all the Romanian or Eastern European’s slapping pink stuff on is a piece of piss even painters are earning more then spreads i would rather work in Waitrose then work for £3 a meter and by the time you worked out holiday pay sick pay and your pension you would be better off them knocking your balls out it’s embarrassing


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I just drove through Portsmouth and Bournemouth and Poole yesterday Dan mate was thinking I can’t believe I’m down here another year thinking I love the south


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who said i want site workers.

i was after anyone. suit a 2 man gang. and on that price its over 1k take home a week. for a gang labour only.

if you can get 2k for a ceiling thats your business.
doesnt mean everyone is in same boat as you
£5 a square is nought wrong with, subbing off someone.ignore all the millionaires spreads on here pal they ain’t got a scooby