skimmers asap


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always gets me how arrogant some plasterers get, you walk around covered in dust waving a hawk and trowel about. get over yourself.
But you can’t do its a different ball game crack on with all the Romanian or Eastern European’s slapping pink stuff on is a piece of piss even painters are earning more then spreads i would rather work in Waitrose then work for £3 a meter and by the time you worked out holiday pay sick pay and your pension you would be better off them knocking your balls out it’s embarrassing


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I just drove through Portsmouth and Bournemouth and Poole yesterday Dan mate was thinking I can’t believe I’m down here another year thinking I love the south


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who said i want site workers.

i was after anyone. suit a 2 man gang. and on that price its over 1k take home a week. for a gang labour only.

if you can get 2k for a ceiling thats your business.
doesnt mean everyone is in same boat as you
£5 a square is nought wrong with, subbing off someone.ignore all the millionaires spreads on here pal they ain’t got a scooby


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I am not trying to prove how much I earn the problem with m2 work is that the is always someone who will do more meters that’s why the price is so poor my old man was getting £7 in the 80’s ffs and I was getting £5 m2 for sound coat about 7 years ago there’s no need to knock your plumbs out for nothing
£5 for sound coat that’s b*ll***s I’d be at home by 11 am with £500 quid flicking my bulb


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Just makes me laugh I was in the pub the other year and the was all these thick paddy’s arguing who does the most meters ... when they asked me how many I had done that day I said about 4..... the name of the game is to do the least you can for the most money and never go to work to line the pockets of another plasterer I would rather get a job in Tesco then plaster a whole house to put cash in a greedy mans hand
That's a very sohisticated view and you're able to do it because you're able to do all the survey and brain work, hassle etc. ~The Paddy's cannot so they settle for an easier life on the metre. Horses for courses, I don't look down or laugh at them.


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Me and @chrispywill do on at least ONE HUNDRED POUNDS A DAY.


I'll be able to afford meat twice a week and chrispy will be able to afford some new lipstick

I wouldn’t know what to do with ONE HUNDRED POUNDS A DAY!

Would keep me in wine, cat litter and Lippy for a good few minutes.

And sponge fingers


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