Self builder saying hello


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Hi, Fitting out my house, built to wind and watertight by builders. At the Plasterboard stage and going for tape and fill on recessed boards, with some butt joins on the ceiling. Was thinking of getting it all skimmed, but cost and Covid has me doing it myself.
Using Gyproc easyfill 60 and taking it slow while I get a feel for it...IMG_20200518_140710.jpg


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Fair play it’s your pad and taping was probably a good call for you in the circumstances take your time and I’m sure it will come out ok! Failing that just blame the decorator (y)


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Do the final coat with proper joint cement. Easifill is ok for one room or repairs, but not the best to finish with. Try Wondertex Prem Finish, or Siniat Smartmix.