Riblath Galv. or Stainless?

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Hi, I'm building a small rear porch between the garage and the back door. I'm using a timber frame with concrete tiles over.

The external finish needs to match the existing which is a S/C render so need to use a rib lath system to support render.

The wall which needs facing is only 3M x 2.1M and will be fairly sheltered even though it will be facing west.

Do I need to use stainless riblath or will galvanised do?

when you receive the quotes from the builders merchants. you will choose galvanised. travis quoted us £27 per sheet, jewsons £25 per sheet, we purchased from penlaws £5 per sheet!
It should be stainless but if you're going to paint the render (weatherproof) and it's sheltered as you say, then you shouldn't have any problem with galvanised. On a paid job I wouldn't even give using galvanised a thought though.
Thanks for the advice guys. Yes, plan to use a waterproofer plus a Sandtex paint finish. The question was provoked by my surprise regarding the cost of stainless. When the builders merchant re-quoted me galvanised I went back to ask him to check his price as I couldn't believe the difference.
Hi Mate

Have you considered using a render carrier board - such as Knauf Aquapanel Exterior - instead of the riblath........ then a thin coat thin basecoat render and mesh, then S&C and paint finish.....

For such a small area the cost difference will not be much and time saving not great, but on larger areas it is faster and gives a better sub-straight onto TF and SIP walls that lath.... (less chance of cracking with TF shrinkage and solar gain....)

If you want more assistance or info, drop me a mail rlord@knauf.co.uk......

For a small wall, you may be best sticking to what you know....

Good Luck!

Richard Lord
Thanks Richard, but I'm going to stick with S&C.

I've now put on the battens ready for the poly sheet and then the riblath but what do you guys use to close the opening at the bottom between battens to keep unwanted visitors out?

there is no need to batten if you are useing riblath.
you might as well use standard emlath now. the render will fill in all gaps to keep unwanted vistors out.
Hi Malc,

I read all the Riblath tech literature before starting and they all defined: studding-sheathing-breather membrane-batten-DPM-riblath. Is this not correct?

Hi Spunky

I wouldn't go by RRP for products - go to the dist / merch and explain what you want (how much, delivered or collected, etc....) and ask them to price it for you...... There are lots of outlets offering it and they all want your business....

If you are after some, give me a call and I will get our local sales guy to assist in supply routes and pricing.

Make sure you get exterior for outdoor rendering and interior for tile backer...... if you just ask for Aquapanel you will get Interior 9 times out of 10 (that is the product we ask them to stock, as part of a drywall stock system), but more are now beginning to hold exterior if they do renders as well.....

Good Luck - give me a call if you want.

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