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ill have to read my copy of Mein Kampf and brush up on my German lol
they have a english translation button on thier site so they must be expecting some thing from us war winners
i bet they get back to me saying that the mm30 will be £150 with £10p&p ill knock them out at £350 with a free £100 tool voucher for refina :RpS_thumbsup:
and youll still be over a 1er shy of refinas price put me down for one:RpS_thumbsup:
thanks steve ill be haveing a look at that.
eibenstock must be pretty good everyone seems to swear by the mega mixer and thats just a re branded eibenstock
just found the alfra 1800w for 297 on ebay, but for £100 free tools i might still spend 460 on one :RpS_lol:
Just to clear up. You can't buy from Eibenstock direct, Refina are the UK distributor for all Eibenstock products hence why 99% of Eibenstock mixers in the UK are Refina Megamixers. Jr - Eibenstock will just pass you onto us to buy a mixer.

About 2/3s of our business is through distributors and not to the end user, this is why in some cases you can find mixers below our RRP if there is a promotion or a particularly cheap deal. As this is our main business it isn't in our interest to undercut our customers. As ever with the internet, ebay etc. you'll be able to find most of what we or any other company do, cheaper, there's not a lot we can do about that.

I hope that makes sense, it's a bit of a funny business set up where we supply our more established products to distributors whilst promoting new products to the end user.
haha its alright leon im just mucking about i bought an eibenstock today anyway but its just the eibenstock not the refina one of the alfra one.
just the wait for it to be delivered im like a kid in a toy shop
jr where you get it from? leon so is it you and alfra that are the main firm for eibenstock?
im not to sure how big alfra are in this country but i think someone on here bought thier 1800w the other week (the alfra one)
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there you go nps cheaper than i just paid for my eibenstock i just prefered the eibenstock is all
Hope you like your mixer jr, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. You can get Eibenstock mixers in most north European countries all from sole distributors like ourselves. Prices are pretty much constant across the board.
cheers leon im sure ill get on fine with it, ive wanted one for a while now but either diddnt have the money to warrent that much on a mixer or had another one on the go that was working fine
not really mate but them mixers are ment to be mustard though, not that ive had one, the eibenstock i just bought wernt cheap but compared to other prices it was a nice little price...................wassnt it beddy haha:flapper:
my mixer came today...........:-0 its huge looks pukka though, i just cnt get over how big the actual machine part is, the whisk is bloody massive aswell, there wnt be much i wnt be able to mix up in under a minute now though haha only trouble is now i wnt b useing it till next thursday:RpS_crying: as im boarding till then
im sure you would haha its tucked up nicley in the cubbbord at the mo till i need it, i cnt believe how big the thing is its a beast haha.
i looked on the fellas page and he had them up for 320 then today thier back up to 339 so not sure wats goin on there.
you all know my name?? diddnt think anyone knew it:RpS_thumbsup:
ye corse we all know ya name Jase:RpS_wink: this is not just any plastering forum tha noz!!
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