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and if you pee anyone off they can use the return label to send you some horse shite free of charge :RpS_thumbsup:
If you were to send a return label with every item I would think that would be a huge waste of time/effort/resources as most would just be binned as soon as seen. Why not have a facility where an appropriate label can be downloaded and printed by the returner :RpS_thumbup:
I'd just reimburse them it's pointless sending out returns labels with everything or set up some credit
Think I'm going to need to give this a bit more thought. I can see what you're saying and that it would be handy for customers to have an easy way to return stuff if it's not right/damaged. But if we're sending out, say, 50 orders a day we'll need to calculate carriage ad hoc for every order as reverse collections aren't a standard cost for us, along with printing etc.. most of which will have no comeback, so probably will be a big waste of time and money for us.

Downloading and printing a label is a better idea in my opinion, I'm just in this morning and heading out shortly to take some videos of the Rotapump doing thin coat renders today. When I next get a chance, I'll get in touch with Fedex and see if they have any arrangements that wouldn't make it cost an arm and a leg.

If anyone has any other ideas let us know!
I think spunkys idea is probably best. A simply label to download, customer rights the order no on it so it can be identified. That way you wouldn't be sending them out with every order, and you'd only be paying for those that are returned
heres an idea for ya leon

lets us lot on here have a new mixer for hundred sobs each and we'll put Refina has a signature on our emails, now ya can knock that for advertising :RpS_thumbsup:

just a thought
Just buy one NPS. They are well worth the money had mine over 10 years now! Thats a few pennys a day
ive got a refina curry, ive had it for over 6 years now, i bought it second hand only ever broke once cost me about £50 to get it mended, its a mega mixer 1000w next one i get im gonna get a bigger one
im in the market for one now, i know ive been saying this for a while but the lab broke the cable on the mixer today, he fcuking let go of it whilst it was mixing the dozy c**t
no i made him do it with the bucket trowel :RpS_lol:and it was only the first mix of the day aswell
sounds no different to me buying one for 350 which i have found and then if i wanted to buying £100 worth of tools, if i bought one from you i would cost £380 + vat = £454 then i have to pay delievery, which im not sure about mabey £10 so thats £464, but i get "100 free" tools.
Orrrrr i know a tool shop thats selling the mm30 for £349, £8 delievery = £352 so thats £112 cheaper than you there for if i pay your price realistically i am paying for the supposed free tools IF i haddent done the maths first:RpS_sneaky:, is that really a deal
do other sites buy refina products from you leon or what? im confused mate to be honest:RpS_confused: cant we buy the same mixer from eib,,whatever its called direct? (do they still make your mixers?)

Ive only ever had/used a refina mixer so i dont know if any other mixers are any good, but what mixers do you other lads use and what did it cost?
ive onlt got a makita mixer at the mo its alright but its a bit slow if im mixing 3 bags up, plus now the lab broke it so i dnt know how much longer its gona last.
i honestly dnt understand how refina charge soo much when almost ALL other retailers are cheaper
3 bags:RpS_scared:

well what other company make mixers of the same standard has refina? i wouldnt have a clue cos like i said ive only ever had this one
alfra eibenstock i think there the same just not branded as refina and they dnt rape and pillage your bank to get one. i only mixed 3 bags in one go when i was on my own on a large area just to save me stopping and mixing again, now ive got the lab (provideing he dnt fcuking break the mixer again) ill just get him to mix 2 seperate mixes
thats the boys it says on the sticker on my mixer Refina...........made by Eibenstock, wonder if you can buy direct from them?
ive just looked on eibenstocks website an found the mm30 on there but its not branded as a refina but theres no price and i cnt find a way to order off them at the moment
haha i was writing this as you was writing your yet it answerd your question that at the time i diddnt know you was goin to ask:RpS_thumbsup:
haha i was writing this as you was writing your yet it answerd your question that at the time i diddnt know you was goin to ask:RpS_thumbsup:
stop wittering man :RpS_lol:

ye ive just looked too and i can find the prices either:RpS_thumbdn:
itll be the ehr23/2.3s or if you go on the alfra website its the ehr23/2.2s although the alfra one is slightly different i think its supposedly the same
ive just sent a request asking about prices. They ask for your zip code but theres only enough room for 3 digits, prob not expecting people from England to contact them :RpS_lol:
which site alfra or eibenstock i messaged eibenstock, alfra have a place in england in sheffield but sadly its not anywhere near me
eibenstock, ive not looked at alfra or heard of them lol ill have a look at them now im not too far from Sheff
looks like eibenstock make the mixers and refina and alfra sell them with their names on them. theres a pic of alfras building on their site its only a small place
git so youll end up with one and if eibenstock dnt get back to me ill end up leons bitch (not happening by the way ill buy else where)
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