refina plaziflex trowel problems

refina plaziflex trowel problems
the mediflex is a great trowel.
And the bespoke customs are a work of art.
I still hate the cork handles though :( i think basswood should be the standard.
So you use those trowels right through out the set mate, what advantages do you feel laying on with a s*p*r*lex brings?

I just prefer laying in with a dead straight trowel and the mediflex lays on proper tight and needs no breaking in, I've have used it right through the set from start to finish with good results though especially if im chasing it a bit .
But Generally ill hit my gauge with the speedskim a couple of times then final pass with the bespoke nela s*p*r*lex.
So the mediflex r the dogs at mo @scottie5 you just been using them on board work only or on re-skims anybody else been using them ?