Problems with scrim

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I'm finding it tuff jess :(
Ambition bar is set and Vincey is struggling to hit the heights....
Feel for him.


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One day we’ll find a scrim to be proud of , there’s that many out there , keep searching, we’ll find it

Or we could all swap to paper tape :maraca:


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Why hasn't someone started to manufacture an actual self adhesive tape, not a scrim, to use on joints?
How hard can it be?

There is one andy its a paper tape with glue that you just run a wet sponge over or dip in water, it sticks very quickly and ready to skim in 15 minutes. Wet-n-stick ive used before but this is a newer one.


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Which is a good job because I've still got about 50 rolls left. I took a gamble on buying 2 boxes because they came with a free Marshall town ultraflex IMG_20180204_161142.jpg


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Done a few rehab jobs recently and the problem is scrim cloth coming of the at wall angles, ceiling, the finish going bolst at the scrim, tried pva skimmed the scrim first. Although that helped a bit... Any suggestions out there
I have seen this before,,,,cant nail why if good scrim is used,,,,


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Orange is good .wots the blue one for .and I keep forgetting to order the sticky pink one from wack. When I was younger I used to rub spunk on it to make it extra sticky. But now I'm knocking on a bit , it just comes out in thick lumps .️ . Im in Ibiza as said. We just had a bunk up , no kissing. No licking. Straight in .we kept our glasses on , I got dressed and came to the bar. To wait.thats romance after 35years. Lucky bitch.