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Hi dan am trying to pm Ryan but it won't give me the option and says I don't have permission.
Please can you help.
Many thanks Matt.
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Oh dear @Ollican hang your head in shame
download (6).jpg
I have been trying to pm God for ages, thought it was my faith that needed fixing. Pls Dan can you get it fixed?
I've been getting alot of Dannys PM's for some reason but u have to agree with his list of bellends he put together for here :risas:
Trying to get the contact details for Runswithscissors as I have some aquapanel questions. It looks like I can view profiles now, so it's all good.

Hello mate

I think you have mailed me during the day - been in London so unable to check and reply to mails easily... working from office tomorrow, so will reply then


Email me at

Or bell me on 07918766577

Think you can access profiles without “x” posts...

Look forward to helping you out....