Pricing monocouche in 2016?

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Poor is the normal Working class family today !lol
Half the thread gone on about areas ,north or South ,poorer and richer nobody mentioned these render dudes with machine yet though and there the ones with every bodies flipping money while we are hard at work
Loaded the lot of them.
it just depends on the customer, some parts of sheffield are nice others are poor, some spend and some don't it can be anywhere, its usually about the individual and not the area

iv had a funny day though, Krend emailed me with details of a job.

turns out iv already priced the job but the customer has gone to k rend direct for some reason and she's landed straight back on me.

she called me - i priced - she called krend and they sent her back my way.

while this is going on she's had another quote from a guy doing weber, strip and straight back on (no prep) offering weber full manufacturers guarantee and she has asked me if putting it on at 30mm is excessive as this other guy wants to do that.

he is a builder/maintenance guy getting himself wrapped up in his own lies and bullshite
30mm hahhahah
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