Price increase on multifinish & boards!!!


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Doom merchants predicted 5 to 20 +% from July /aug (mrs Jones is paying or / quiet times )


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Tbh I have knocked 3 jobs back this week as can not commit till new year /however 1 said next year is fine

Merchants all of a sudden asking what I’m on with ....can we get you some prices for gear on your jobs ....


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Just imagine what BG's electric bill must be like at the moment. Bear in mind that businesses don't even have any price cap.
I'm not in the slightest bit surprised by the increases. I reckon they'll keep going up and never come back down regardless of future fuel costs.
I reckon plasterers should just charge the same but work harder.

John j

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Loved the miner’s strike.
All the police were on the picket line and we were driving around like mad men with nobody to stop us.
All miners walked past our school . Asked us to walk back to pits with em. We never but when we went in after break teacher said we should of gone


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Why you CONSPIRACY NUT!! This forum is full of them, I’m off to the ‘Bury my Head In the Sand Forum.’ Everything is just peachy on there and we all permanently compliment each other so nobody’s feelings are hurted.
What sort of sand would you recommend?


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Text from magnet trade (have a account not used these in age )first thing I have heard in age from these as well ........
Multi @£7.50
Bonding @£9.00


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New chippy open in village yesterday. He must have made a fortune. People queuing all day

...which begs the question - what was so wrong with the old chippy that people are fleeing to the new one, in droves?

Or is the village so tiny it's never had a chippy before?


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Only one shop . And now a chippy

Wow. Talk about a captive market. Amazed no one set one up in your village, before.

Round my way, it's the other way around:

seems every week there's another hair or nail salon - the sheer stupidity of setting up yet another identical business premises in a market that's already beyond saturated, just boggles the mind. Makes you wonder what these numbnuts are thinking when they can see there's already so many people competing with them (often several on the same street).
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