Positions available

Plasterers / renderers required in central London for long term work. The work is shotcrete / sprayed concrete.

The concrete will have to be screeded and wood float finished. Experience with MEWPs is an asset.

Hours are approx 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday
Please PM me on 07554884791.


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Wood float finish?............Architect read a book from the 50’s I ‘spose.......pfft.


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8 til 6 lol, thanks for posting the vacancy but with the same respect you seem to be showing us spreads go fu ck yourself


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Polyurethane float finish to be specific @Dropsalot Hours are between 8 and 6 as it's a considerate contractor @gps. Very competitive rates

So not a wooden float, and hours are somewhere between 8-6 not approx 8-6. Seems like the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.
The OP seems to be an Irish man, most likely a proper builder/tradesman looking for someone that can screed aswel. That rules out 75% of the people on here. I don't know him but you should have some respect before you shoot him down


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It's gordy again tho Eddy :rolleyes: ..
Keeps him off the soap box for a bit I suppose :sisi: