Plastering over steel

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If as you say there are joists running parallel and close to the steel then use 6mm contour board fixed only to the joists. The steel will expand and contract at a different rate to the surrounding timbers and fixing to it will cause cracks for sure.
I would run a strip of fireboard or two over the top of steel and fix to the timbers either side and bead both edges and skim. I wouldn't bother too much about the step in the ceiling as long as it's protected with fireboard it's all good.


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I didn't get the job, priced £860.00 for all walls removal of wooden beading, general patch and skim ceiling patched and to sort steel out.


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I'd of stuck some 6mm cement board on,prob no more ply,with there glue,sticks like baby shite to a blanket,then scrimed both edges, skimmed,got paid,changed me phone number and run like the clappers :)
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