Plasterers wanted in Oxford

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What a waste of time they are lol!
Handed out like lollipops to kids (as long as you have the money)
Hi there I'm interested in plastering works.would you be able to forward me your contact details please.cheers
The jod didn't request how many posts to accept interest.sorry mate.

Didn't mean to have a go at u personally. Just think job posts should go to the private members first. Then after a few days put out to the open forum.
Each apartment is roughly 340m2, all standard heights, all square and all being coved. Can easily do 1 in 3 days without breaking to much of a sweat
Mp is to be used on the complex and stairwells. All big runs with 40m plus corridors.
I will confirm with the main contractors exactly what's ready.
I am interested
30,000m2 of skimming to board at £3.00 m2, cscs card is a must. Contact me for more details.

Been in Holland for 3 years using mp just back, was a member on here 5 years ago just could not log in so new account opened send me your contact details please
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Hand apply and spray also doing a lot of spatial putz geld band and the maxit.

Most of time silo feed machine
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