Plaster trial


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When you was 7 it was bread and dripping and people still had tin baths!
No, that was me, I remember when this new invention of a "pot noodle" came out. Tried some but they were salty and not filling.
Nothing wrong with tin baths provided they weren't used first for mixing something up. My country uncle never had anything else all his life, right into the 1980's.


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the Irish Carlite plasters are not the same as the Carlite we had in UK.
I know malc im old enough to have used the original in the black and white bags. Just saying the irish product is a faster setting skim ( theyve just used the name carlite for some reason) they are also owned by saint gobain who own BG.

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Had my first go with the trial plaster last couple of days..... Not going to comment so the people coming to the rial can form their decision.