Plaster over VOG (Vinyl on Gypsum) mobile home walls


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Hello. I've removed the battens from several rooms in a mobile home with VOG panels. I've so far tried 2 different techniques with varying levels of success.
1) pulled batts, skinned with 1/4" sheetrock - results were good, problems with trimbs, jams, etc.
2.) notched, taped an mudded exisiting joints after removing batts - not great but better than the batts.

3.) Plaster skim?

Is it possible to do a 2 coat (base+finish) plaster application on these VOG walls? The panels are already painted but some of the vinyl rips off exposing paper when the batts are removed. I've been using PVA on these with limited success as the joint compound wets an bubbles the paper up a bit.

Any advice appreciated!

thanks - actually suggests hanging a picture over a hole in the wall. Has absolutely no real solutions of all! Only posted the link to show the ignorance in the mobile home industry - sell and forget.
I suggest you seal exposed bits first with something that will not be affected by the moisture in the plaster when re-taping, paint comes to mind.
Skimming a mobile home with flexible walls does not seem a good idea. you would need a bondable coat over the vinyl first, take your pick - PVA, SBR etc.