Painting a lime render finishing coat on blockwork?

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We have built some concrete block walls in a garden and they now have a scratch coat coat on them. As is usual down here, we have not used sand for the scratch coat. Most of the mortar for brickwork and scratch coats here is made from a grey crushed granite like stone and cement and this is what we have used. There is also a local sand but this is mostly used for renovation work and for jointing up paving. I would like to use the local sand for lime mortar to use for the finished coat on the blockwork because I like using it but the wall also has to be painted and this is the part that I am bothered about.
I need to know if the wall would need to be painted with a whitewash or mineral paint or would it be ok to use a regular masonry paint as the lime render would only be a skim on cement scratch coat on blockwork?
i would use a masonry as it is only a garden wall,
they do have some nice externals in spain, i watch them ceramic tile an external wall with tiles that had a risen circle in the middle it was then decorated and looked very attractive.
Regular masonry paint fine, you may need to use a fixative on the lime before the masonry paint to kill the suction, or dilute your first coat.
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