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Hi guys
I’m David and long in the tooth as a builder
I’ve plastered on and off over the years but am now working on a property in France for a brit
You may know that down hear near La Rochelle they don’t skim walls, they tape the joints and paint over, some of which is dreadful
This Brit wants skimming and has a load of board finish for me
He also has bought me lots of retarder as this bf is 2 years old Something he didn’t tell me

I’ve done a test mix without retarder and it sets in bucket With the retarder I can get it on the boards but it suck out pretty quick
Any thoughts about setting up boards
Incidentally these boards have been on for 4 years
Have I been had ???
Any ideas welcome


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f**k a duck boards up for 4 years and 2 year out of date gear get on Google translate and find out how to tell him to f**k off in French

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I’ve mistakenly plastered with finish that was near a year out of date (builder dropped a bag out of the lockup off with new gear) and it smelt unusual and was chewy to trowel on so I flattened it and second coated with fresh gear, It finished fine.
I’d swerve the finish but just PVA the boards first they’ll be fine.