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Morning lads My mrs cousin is having an extension built down south on the coast with nudura blocks , has anyone rendered these or any advice as to what spec
I know this much it’s a terrible system from what I’ve experienced I dabbed a internal wall on a staircase and it had bowed that much when they poured concrete in was a pig to sort out wether that was builder error or bad system not sure but the guy has a excellent reputation down here! I didn’t do the rendering outside but there were terribly hairline cracks everywhere! And I think they just went straight over it! So maybe a primer on first I would say (y)
Thanks lads, watching that I’d presume there maybe a few option available to apply over them , never seen them used myself
I’ve done a few of these projects, using a Parex system. Don’t need to prime it, just a rasp, maitie adhesive then your top coat.
As said it depends whose laid them and how straight the substrate is.
I’m doing a nudura at the minute and I’m rasping the surface and using Dryvits basecoat system. There’s one section that has got hairline cracks the lads have fitted windows next to the panel but other than that not much movement. It’s not been top coated yet.