New build 10mins from Stoke needing external render and internal wet plaster

It's the small grains on the substrate that holds water rather than the block its self.
They don't want me on their jobs mate, they say I'm not quality driven :cry:


Quality driven ? Is this what they came up with? Bloody skimmers that’s what they are! We are money driven mate, quality has been always part of us, hence we don’t even mention it ! I mean that’s normal right?
Hi Everyone,

Have built a large detached house in Loggerheads which is 10mins from J15 or J16 of the M6, so near Stoke on Trent.

I have built the entire house and so far not had any trades in to keep costs down. I can plaster a bit but not well enough to do an entire house. The building is made from Durisol blocks which have a course finish. I would like to have the external rendered and the internal wall wet plastered (ideally sprayed on) as there will be no plaster boards except for ceiling and the odd stud wall.

Is anyone interested? Looking for a quailty finish at a good price. Windows are all in now so its basically ready to have the external finish on. I had originally been looking at Alsecco Render which is a 3 part system (base coat, mesh, primer and finish coat) but open to alternative also.

You can email me at work on [email protected] or give me a bell, 07854 828 297
hi im looking for the same. did you find somebody decent