Mono v thin coat colour difference

Did this roughly 6 weeks ago front ecorend mr1 in antique white and the dormers in sr 15 silicone in antique white surely they should be drying out in a similar colour


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Why should they be similar if there different materials??? Would you compare a car to a motorbike cus there the same colour???
One is a paint technology so will sheen the other is mineral so is matt and will darken in damp air, lighten in dry sunny time of year plus different texture.

Even mono done side by side but one scratched back hard and dry the other same day but green will be two different colours.
2 different types of systems here. Even though tinted to the same RAL or BS code the thin coat is painted technology and the mono is a new technology tinted sand and cement. Gloss vs Matt in reality. This is the same across all rendering manufacturers.