Magnetic plaster advice


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Hi guys, I am looking at skimming one of the walls in my house for my son who is autistic and loves magnets. I have never used it as I’ve had no call for it so could anyone share any tips from their experiences with it? Will be using the BG one.
Cheers guys


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It's a slower setting plaster than normal finish so don't be too kean to trowel it too early. And wash your gear often
It's very much like multi but yeah don't over work it :)

I have 1 wall in every room that is magnetic and it is brilliant :)


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Well I’ve had both coats on and to be honest I thought it was absolute dog sh*t to work with, definately wouldn’t want to use it again!!


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@Zippydragon if you are still in mid gauge atm leave it to pull in a lot longer than u normally would skim coat , even walk away from it for an hour if needed to trowel up better, I find when second coat is on don’t even first flatten for anything from 15 minutes, 30minutes or even 45 if it’s still soaking wet , it’s r******d greatly compared to other skim coats imo all end up doing if to early is taking the gear off