Lower Back ache

My currant training week is Monday /circuit training . Tuesday /strength training. Wednesday/rest .Thursday /strength training . Friday/circuit training . Saturday /rest . Sunday/ 10k run. All sessions are for 1hr and the run 40 -45 mins . IT's hard to do at times but my health is very important to me and i have to push myself but the pay back is great and it gives me energy and helps with the on set of old age and my ability to function in the physically demanding job that is plastering. I am 47 by the way.
That's a good routine mate, two rest days essential for recovery can't underestimate a good nights sleep either
just this weekend my mate had to go home early from wales because he hurt his lower back taking his damn boots off
I rest on. A Monday and then again on a tuesday......think about a real good work out on a Wednesday, decide it would be better on a Thursday, then of course Friday is my warm down day.......and then it wouldn't be fair to go to the gym on a Saturday or Sunday.....neglecting the family and all that.......


Seriously though, press-ups every morning, stretching, bit of kettlebelling most evenings. Cycle every day. Circuits........knee raises with weight overhead, into deep squats 50 if you can. 50 Kettlebell swings, 50 cleans and repeat as many times as you can try to do it three times a week, I use either a 12 kg bell or a 16...
I've got a 24kg but .......pfftttt!!
Gets a real sweat on in minutes, and can be done in a tight space.