London tower block fire

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Nope, and may never had a majority like she needed so she's paying 1 billion of our tax payers money to remain in power. You, me and everyone else on this forum knows that's wrong and you can try spin it anyway you want but it is.

Anyone would think the dup are getting the money lol, it's the northern Irish people that will see the benefit, do you begrudge that ?

Oh and hang on a minute so Corbyn didn't buy the votes of the young by offering free tuition fees ? Which btw would cost a lot more lol


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Btw doesn't detract from the fact the building was occupied by mostly foreign nationals does it
I really don't know if most were foreign but it really wouldn't surprise me if they were.
From what I have read Kensington and Chelsea Tenants Management Organisation provided the police with a list of tennants but the Metropolitan police have said this list is "Not accurate", m8
No the reason I have not started any new threads is because no big new issues have arisen to discuss plus the politics section is gone so what's the point. Back to plastering threads for now

It is still there :D