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Can we have the 10 names please? Well, the other 9. No need to mention me coz it’s a given
Funniest thing I’ve heard all day, u can’t even line 2 beads together, u wouldn’t even make the top 100000000


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No not a courser and know the difference between good an rough, problem I've got is 100% of time I'm on me own driving me self mad nick picking an confidence knocking. That co inside with I've got major ocd to the to point I'm even going to counciling know to try an calm it, ny anyway that's another story all together. Anything from the from basics, beads lining up and round sockets and even as far as how I've scrimed up, and what exactly side I take the muck out the bucket. Painfull ain't the word and plays on mind for days even the most minimal thing. I'm not looking for sympathy at all, I totally get why you would think what you do, yes I've worked with other spreads in the past and seen how they work, and what they would deem as a minor little snot on the wall or a tiny miss at the very bottom of the wall that skirting board will cover eats me alive for hours if not days! Pathetic you may think and it probably is but unfortunately its just the way I tick. But if I'm honest this is the only refuge I've got to voice any concerns I've got regarding the world of plastering big or small and the only place I feel i can ask what some people think are rookie,amuture, courser apprentice esq type question. At least on here I may look a t**t for asking something silly, but I would rather that than let one of me stupid ticks get the better of us and speak to someone down the pub or on a job and look like a mug that's asking silly questions. At the end of the day think of me what you will, but I'd rather just level with you and be honest, yes I ask stupid questions, yes I know the difference between rough and good work, yes I do know and should know better half the time, the list goes on... I'm not hear to offend anybody just sometimes check in with other plasterers to see if I'm being a total idiot or if there is something generally wrong with what or how I'm doing something.

Sorry to rabble but you want the truth there it is!

That’s a shed load of writing..

What did it say??


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Heyup twiggy,I've missed you.still wanking in that sock wondering what a nice juicy fanny feels like?
Hey up multiple account wankeer how’s your shitty patch jobs going in them grotty smack dens u work in. Careful round the needles u gingers bruise easy