Lafarge Tarmac merger

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we only supply now if we have to. dont worry then about payment for the gear. truck waiting time if u turn up and it aint prepped properly (even turn ed round & gone home when it wasn't prepped right) or The worst when the floor is shapeless and u avent allowed for it because the customers lied
Hope construction materials have bought 178 concrete plants off the merger, they are trying to get screed going from previous screed plants but need to source anhydrite which I'm told they have.
I layed a floor recently with a bagged screed. We used bags of 20mm chippings to bulk the floor. Start the ritmo up and lay over it to fill the gaps, let it set 2 hrs & lay 5 mm over it.
Advantages were no waiting around for deliveries &cheap, less gear to transport and you can lay thinner which is good for refurbs
disadvantages. More labour intensive
I had 22 ton of fibre screed off Hope Constuction Materials Briton Ferry yesterday, by 1 o'clock 7 ton had gone off, not mixed enough, full of clumps of fibres, absolute crap TBH, today i had 15 ton off them which was ok, tomorrow 17ton, heres praying..........
ive found the liquid stodgy off them lately too, Hopeflo they've named it.......quite apt really....
thing is they've got us by the goolies here in south west wales as no-one else does it
well 6 weeks after interview and after contacting them after 5 weeks to see if a decision had been made, i received a letter informing me i was unsuccessful in application of a job title to which i hadn't even applied for.
my bro works for tarmac he said they have been told its only a tester for 6months to see if its gonna work out all the blokes are worried about their shares and stuff apparently tarmac are a bit suspect on the take over because they think larfarge are only after their quarrys for the building side of things like plastering he said their manager says they have no interest in the highways side of things thats what they have been told
Not sure it's a tester. The merger started in early 2011 and it took till 2013 to get past the monopolies and mergers commission. They mucked it all up from January 3rd this year, so the 6 months would be nearly up. Maybe the 6 months was to when they'd all know what they were meant to be doing again. Hopefully they'll get the hang of it soon.
dont know then mate my bro was only told about it in march so feck knows the only good thing the french have ever done anyway is invent the croissant and that tastes shite without some english jam on :RpS_biggrin:
i had to loads of liquid go AWoL from earley febuary when they sold plants to Hope, thought i had a capture, bloody invoices came this week :RpS_angry:
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