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asked to use k rend, mainly due to its textured rubbed finish, internally in a hairdressers refurb. They like it want it regardless of the fact it is designed as an Ext finish
Main question
I have to consider the prep for covering a variety of wall conditions
Rendered wall
Plastered Masonary
Dryline plasterboard both bare and plastered and painted finish
It's a large unit split into two areas each one 8x8 by 3m
Can all the named areas be k rended!!
How do we limit prep for some of these areas
Never used k rend only ever applied multi. Finish plaster as I am a general builder so 0 experience and my main plasterer of 30 years experience has limited k tend and sounded very vague on answers ... :$
Can you help ??
No not over plasterboard. I'd not use k rend there is other brands that are far better then it vimark @Bauwer parex weber far better. U will need to get an experienced plasterer in to do the work. I'd look for one who has a machine for spraying it. If u put it on here am sure someone from here will give you a price.
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Contact k Rend (tech)direct & source a experienced applicator ,although there are many other brands available I'm guessing the customer likes the "glint" that k Rend has , none of the others have this

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