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    Best place to buy k rend online??

    Seen a few places selling online for really cheap but wondering what everyones experiences have been like with it? Few places like DBP and Rowebb look okay but never tried them?
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    K rend tc primer

    Need some advice We’re currently doing a k rend job (TC system) It’s 10m2 and 28 degree heat We’ve applied the primer 24 hours after finishing the hp12 hoping to just finish it tomorrow The client is a complete nightmare and has data sheet at hand saying 14days Can we wash off the primer...
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    KRend advice

    Hi all, I am a sole trader so only take on small KRend jobs so hand apply only. The problem I am encountering is that any break in putting it on even for a short time results in a flat line when scratching back. Any tips to avoid this? I know you may say don’t stop but it is difficult to do when...
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    ? Sand and cement, ? K-rend, ? SBR first what do you pros think

    Hi Guys, You have helped me in the past and hope you come up trump's again. Small garden wall, looking to render it. I have done some rendering in the past and it's been alright, good enough. But there is so much conflicting advice bon the concrete block planters. There is no DPM, and I would...
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    K-rend price rise

    Hi all We were due to have the front of our house re-rendered with k-rend. Had the old loose sand and cement knocked back and the builder is claiming he's under priced it and is going to either walk away or ask for more money. Searching around, general guide prices range between £35 to £50...
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    K Rend Query

    Hi! New to the forum and looking for a bit of advice. Just had a planter rendered in KRend. Looked ok yesterday but in good light today can see some faults. I have no knowledge of rendering so wanted to check if it was right that the white plastic beading was visible on the edges and that...
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    K Rend Vs Vimark. Thoughts?

    Lads, Currently stocking K Rend, but looking for another good quality Render System and have heard good things about Vimark. Your thoughts on the differences in the material would be great.
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    K rend

    asked to use k rend, mainly due to its textured rubbed finish, internally in a hairdressers refurb. They like it want it regardless of the fact it is designed as an Ext finish Main question I have to consider the prep for covering a variety of wall conditions Rendered wall Plastered Masonary...
  9. K rend with speedskim

    K rend with speedskim

    k rend with speedskim
  10. K Rend

    K Rend Product Training

    Have you completed the K Rend Product Training course? Join us at the newly opened K Rend Centre of Excellence specialist training facility in Larne Northern Ireland, a purpose built facility to train those wishing to learn more about K Rend products, to gain the perfect finish. Whether you...
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    K - Rend repair/ patching

    Hi everyone, I've looked at a few other threads on here about the above subject but I'm looking for a direct response to my problem. Unfortunately I do not have any pic's but here goes......I went to look at a job. It's quite a new house finished with k Rend (obviously) the customer has had a...