Japanese polishing trowel oiling


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They should be stainless so just use wet and dry if you spot any nicks.
The Italian ones come with plastic protectors.


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have you done much skikkui?ive never tried it big used trowel and nice to use.
No mate just starting out with venetian.
I was asked a few months ago if I did it, by a top end bathroom supplier and it got me thinking...nice extra string to the bow if I can eventually master it.

Japanese trowel came as part of a kit along with 4 Pavans of different grades.


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The rectangular one on the right is stainless. The angled jap trowel you have can be oiled with anything. Easy option is wd40. By anything I mean any regular general purpose oil. Don't go using sunflower oil from the supermarket. Although it would probably work just as well