Hop up

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hand rail for a 12inch hop up pmsl cant believe they can call them 'hop up's!! the pile in the carpet is higher!!!

£95 :RpS_lol: surely no one pays that for something that high? im higher if i stand on my tiptoes
where the fnck do they get their prices from?
£120 for a hop up yeah right haha thats ridiculous it wants to go and make me a cuppa coffee everytime im not useing it for that price:RpS_lol:
Gotta admit the refina hold ups are real good quality. As with most things with them they are overpriced but I like the longer ones for ceilings and Coving. As per usual I didn't get them directly from refina
come on then how high can you reach?? you know youv been and measured yourself!!!!:RpS_wink:

come on son get ya stats on here :RpS_lol:
not sure off the floor i can reach just over 8ft but not when im plastering itd be too uncomfortable but just standing i can, so if you was a rather tall gentleman and on a small hop up yeah id say they could reach a 3m ceilin, but remember i never said they could plaster it, just reach it:RpS_wink:
orrrrrrrrr ya changing it now!!!:cool:

so have you plucked up enough courage to ask your lass if ya can come to Benidorm?
haha its early door yet mate its ages away ill see nearer to the time when bouts you going again??
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