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Anyone into home brewing on here?

I'm getting back into brewing beers from grain again. Can't wait, they taste as good if not better than commercially brewed beer and it's costs sod all.

Just off to buy some copper pipe to make a wort cooler..
Been seriously thinking about brewing my own , but that explosion that killed them polish lad's has unsettled me some what:RpS_crying:
I bought that tesco kit a few weeeks back :)

not tried the beer yet... mine will be ready in a weeks time :)
I did lots of kit beers years ago. Dunno if they've changed but the more you spent then, the better it tasted. I remember the dehydrated powder ones came out good.

You can brew quality grain beer for less than 40p a pint
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Always wanted to do it twitcher, me old man used to do everything wine, beer, spirits, even potcheen :RpS_thumbsup: Gonna make me a brew shopping list soon :RpS_wink: The fermenting buckets he used to use are exactly the same as the tall plastering buckets :RpS_biggrin:
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John Smith's Yorkshire Bitter : A pleasant keg bitter with good head
retention and nice amber colour. Satisfying hop flavour.

OG 1037

Recipe for 5 gallons

1500g crushed pale malt
60g crushed wheat malt
water for bitter brewing
irish moss
1000g edme dms malt extract
450g soft dark brown sugar

bittering hops full boil : 30g bramling cross / 45g goldings
aroma hops last 15 minutes boil : 10g goldings

that recipes from dave lane's book brewing beers like the ones you buy
Good stuff the Adnams ive been round the brewery going to meet the chick in a minute and will be on the Doombar another fine ale, hope she brings her sunglasses she is gonna need them been polishing my knob all day.
last home brewed stuff i had was cherry brandy, thick as creosote, knocked me sparko off two fingers worth in a tumbler! vicious gear! was blind for an afternoon, never again!
No it's not difficult to make at all, as long as you're aware of keeping things clean and sterile, which shouldn't be too hard for us lot.

You need to keep stuff fermenting at an ambient temp. which is harder to maintain during winter, so some people use heat mats or thermostats for aquariums.
I was considering giving it a go then realised that I already have a drink problem with booze on tap it wont help the situation.
waiting on 10 bottles of marrow rum to mature won't be long, last year it was parsnip whiskey great gear:)
lol we just doing a youngs lager at the moment the cider was shite

I knocked a glass of it over on my desk and it etched the paint off....lol so I have repainted it :)
Twitch I recon you been on the home brew

this is the screed section and there is a section called "Public bar" how you never got this in the Pub i never know:RpS_lol:
Not sure what your saying Plast but home brew, fishing and vegetable gardening have always been located in this section.
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