Hive/nest anyone fitted one before?

That's a reality. Got to accept it.

In today's world, what's done in the dark will come to the light.

You don't get to choose whether it's crooked policemen, DNA evidence or your G** rubber fetish.

Just got to play the hand you're dealt

I 50% agree with you.
I’ve done it stu mate but just wanted to say don’t think it’s easy to do, it could “bee “ quite hard

Bee Bebel GIF by PlayKids
You know what - I can actually see them as a (partial) benefit for people with physical impairments, and I wasn't having a pop at you personally, earlier, Stuart (really, I have no beef with you at all and I think you know that without me having to prove it).

...but, for the general population, I find it alarming how willing people are to accept 'smart' devices into their home, in the sense that it's the thin end of the wedge, in terms of loss of privacy.

It's not about 'is such and such really interested in trivial aspects of my life', in the here and now. It's about EVERYTHING being recorded and AGGREGATED for later opportunity to profile a person.

Anyway, with that said, Happy New Year to all! :birra:
To be honest they can profile me all they want, as long as my coffee machine switches on in morning I don’t really care. All the best @MakeItSmooth hope you and your family have a cracking new year mate, let’s see what 2021 holds for us.
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