His first trowel

Nela and floor scraper are the same thing

noooo you didn't.gif
We all start like that with them....

Bit like fingerblasting yer 1st bird...
ooft a flashback to when me and my mate where trying to rattle two sisters one night after we where with them he said
'here smell this' as he stuck his finger up to my face :D
Bloke in the pub . said his mate would stick his finger in his birds ass in the pub. Then ask someone if his pint smelt funny ,and hold it up and rub his finger against there top lip.
Bought the apprentice his first trowel today, a lovely 12inch Nela carbon, boom

if this lad comes good I’m hoping for a Caribbean holiday paid for in a five star hotel as a return present from him one day to say thanks
No where near as good as me