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Bets are on boys and the first beer is on board! Oi oi hahahahaha!!

lets go. Few tactical pints then back to pals gaf
I think AJ will win around the 8th Ruiz will come out swinging like a rusty gate then hopefully AJ boxes clever
Ruiz has faster hands than an and hits harder. Aj doesn't have the discipline/ability to box clever against top level fighters in my honest opinion
Commentary is bullshit here, both look patient to me. Ruiz has Centre ring, landing as much as aj for me. Can't see AJ keeping that movement up past 6 rounds tbh
Fair play joshua proved me wrong. No one really landed anything. Didn't think AJ had a jab and move performance like that in him.
Had a plan and stuck to it not the best fight I’ve seen but I haven’t got 4 world title belts to win back
AJ knew he couldn't trade with him. He boxed well,without doing anything meaningful. Floyd at least boxing and moving landed right hands. Fair play to aj, he deserved the win.