Grade 2 listed building all in lime - just started it this week

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That's a very neat scratch, is that necessary to the process. Never seen that before. Finish looks good though
hi oilcan - this type of keying is used mainly on EML / riblath / wood laths - provides more key, holding power :RpS_thumbsup:


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We are actually working on this job now !!!!!!!!! Look at the pics above that today's fuckin paper ffs. What more do you want !!!!!!!'


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thanks olican - i have taken some more pics and will up load them tomorrow the site wont let me up load more than three for some reason
its a pity i have to do this but hey
Register at photobucket mate (it's free), then upload your photos on to your photobucket page.
Then when you click the add photos on your posts at plasterersforum tick the add url box but un-tick the (Retrieve remote file and reference locally) box and copy and paste the url from photobucket pics of your work.
Hope that helps :RpS_thumbsup:
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