Grade 2 listed building all in lime - just started it this week

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we have just started this 16th century house in cheshire, so i thought i would post some pics, its all being done in
lime hemp, i expect it to take 25 tonne in total- grade 2 lime hemp.jpg lime hemp.jpg photo.jpg photo lime hemp.jpg 15 tonne of lime hemp.jpg


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That's a very neat scratch, is that necessary to the process. Never seen that before. Finish looks good though


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I could be wrong and often am but, the cross scratch is usually on the first dubbing out coat and that pattern then helps the floating coat dry faster ie water in the mix moves down wall better as aposed to a horizontal wavy scratch which will hold more water in the mortar if that makes sense :RpS_unsure:
I remember reading Lime Hemp at beginning of thread now you said it. Are you mixing yourself or getting pre bagged? Yeah the hemp does hand a while. You can use a dehumidifier gently in the middle of the room to help with the moisture levels if you need. Don't want it staying too damp otherwise it can start to grow mould.
Yeah I use there stuff quite a lot. Get ours in 25kg bags but that just cos it's easier to handle. Waste a lot of time digging it out the dumpy bags I find.


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Nice work mate, heavy going though sometimes!
Only done lime/hemp the once and I enjoyed it. What you putting on next? we used a mix that had a perlite product called 'silvalite' in place of the sand, mixed with the lime and chopped hemp and went on 70mm thick in total! Good thermal qualities though :RpS_thumbup:
Hi seanlar, we have had this converstion before, so here we go again- the photo to which you refer was put on the site by the web design people Wida group, when we decieded to have a web site ( 18 months ago) like most people we never took photos of our work, so when Wida designed the page for the banners - the ones in the headings they used what they call stock photo's and the one with the lime render with ashlar was a stock photo Wida were charged two quid for using it, when i received your email i phoned Wida and told them to remove it and explained why, a week later they had not removed it so i phoned them again, they told me they had, had a look at the full size photo and in the bottom right hand corner it was dated 1976 any way i am still not happy with the photo been on the site it was a representation of what was been offered and we have started taking regular pics of our work and putting them in our gallery and i will get the banner pic changed. All the pics in the gallery are of our work done in the last 12 to 18 months- so i hope this puts things straight.


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Should have used Danny, you wouldn't have had this problem then. I've heard this argument before "I had no photos of my work for website so used stock" when Danny built mine I had plenty of time before the site went live so I spent half a day, drove around and took photos of externals I had completed. Ring some clients and asked if I could come and take photos of completed internals, and starting taking photos of work in progress. The thought never entered my mind to use someone else's work or "stock" photos.
thanks olican - i have taken some more pics and will up load them tomorrow the site wont let me up load more than three for some reason
its a pity i have to do this but hey
The stock photo's were only for the banners - the headings- have a look all the gallery photos are ours and like i said before
the web people paid for and used a couple of stock photo's
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