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Wrong video lol


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Lol...maybe I can break the trade down more and become a specialist noggo, since it take me no tme to do ...what ya reckon clippy?
Welcome back Noggo, still chatting s**t? You couldn't pour water out of a Wellington boot if the instructions were written on the sole. Keep packing those steels with timber mate you have all the answers.


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None of your s**t clips here only lath for heads


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Wraptor man

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None of your s**t clips here only lath for heads
Oooh someone's rattled, good old speedy lathes eh, you must be coining it in. Dont bother replying Noggo as I wont be posting anything else, was initially responding to a sensible question about whether anyone had used the clip and trying to address the concerns over the drop but walked straight into a scaffolding plank. On the steel I used them on the gobbo was still green and the clip slid under easily. In my experience the gobbo is fairly soft so dont envisage a problem. I fitted the bottom clips upside down to minimise the drop, screwed slate latts to the side of the clips as I had to build the sides out to line through then fastened the underside board to the latts. Didnt time it, probably took 30min to clip and board, nowhere near as quick as Noggo I know but I can only aspire. Cheers