Floor on slope, unlevel. help.

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:RpS_unsure::RpS_unsure: I have a floor which was built on a slope I want to level it out, the floor is in a outbuilding. It goes from level to slope at the end of the building, with a slope of over 2 foot down at the back.

I want to level the flooring so I can use it for storage.

There is no DPM in place.

Any advice would be good.


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Concrete it with dpm underneath, then either screed over with 60mm or use self level. I would do the screed my self..


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Kango up floor,dig down enough so you can allow for 100mm insulation ,100 mm concrete, 50 mm screed,I know it's storage but why not do it properly

S a plastering

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We've just done this on a existing garage wall 4 inch jumbo stud with insulation in between the I section then vapour barrier then 60mm Thermaline boards over the top
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