Everyone should wear safty glasses


What's the best set of safety specs if you already wear glasses? Ones that fit over....I got an eye full of skim the other month and it wasn't pleasant
As close as possible to your eyebrows and to cover the side f your eyes too


I see lads spraying without goggles and wince for for them.

Tbh if spray render will come to your eye it will be dry or just the aggregate. If the mix is stiffer and doing walls only you might not get any at all. The danger is when you get wet mix into your eye,which I don't use as excuse and always use mines btw.


After the accident in 2007


When I had lime into my eye, the white part around the retina was hanging out like fried egg white and I couldnt close my eye for weeks. Had a bandage for a long time . What saved me was the quick way to the emergency, across the road. It was good 1/2 hour of pain pouring 1L botles down my eye. Sorry you couldn't get better outcome mate! Hope that will be a wake up call for some on here!


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Excuse the pun but this threads a real eye opener, will definitely consider wearing them now


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I'm with @Vincey on this....ski goggles are the ones....brilliant when you're pulling down ceilings....skimming overhead, or....especially lime work....

Really good post, really sad reason for it though. All the best to the OP.


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I wear safety specs when spraying but when hacking off if is good quality ski type goggles. The fan on the Hilti breaker motor blows dust all over.


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People can do as they please as long as there informed that's up to them if they don't. simple as there adults n know the dangers!