Euro 2020/21

Colin 879

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I’ve been studying the market and have come up with these bets I’ll be backing.

Memphis Depay top Goalscorer Easy group, takes pens Best price 18/1

Nicollo Barella POTT 100/1 A big name usually wins this for the sponsors but should have a v good tournament. Great player.

Christian Eriksen Top Goal scorer 100/1 Denmark are pony but he is their Roy of rovers. Pens, free kicks, Last 16 is their limit but could have a few goals by then. Worth a small bet, same price as Ramsay and Tielmans.

Tournament winners Belgium 15/2

Second best squad in this tournament and don’t concede that many.
Lukaku in form of his life, it’s now or never for this group of Red Devil’s players imho
Werner 30/1 for the g boot

Been shite all year, typically probably turn up for Germany

Kante - Pott

Portugal at 12s - playing nice stuff at the mo
Can see any more than France, there the best team by a country mile.portugals a good stab.
Lewabdowski top scorer or mbappe or even Kane's a shout.
Can't see Erickson, to finish top scorer your going to need 5 or 6, Belgium and Russia are in there group they both don't conced many.
Grealish doesn’t get picked ,he reacts and punches Southgate clean in the face 2/1
group winner 24/1
Screenshot_20210609-104439_William Hill.jpg
Won't get out group
England will win the tournament, and dominate the competition,
i would also like to add that my comments are nothing to do with fall i took on monday, standing on a wonky wooden joiners stool, while skimming a small ceiling,
this caused a bang to my head, bruising and plaster on my head and water bucket knocked over
also on just my 2nd trowel full, some fell off and went in my eye,
england will win the tournament, and will not miss a penalty,