Do I start again- Krend


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Hi all
Rendering the front of my house with HP12 base,mesh and then K1 Polar white. Scratched it back too far and now it’s patchy, has halos and looks terrible... looks okay in places but I can’t live with it.

Here are my options:
1: patch the areas ( this probably won’t work)
2: go over the top with Krend Thin Coat ( I don’t even know if this is possible)
3: re-bead with bigger beads and go directly over the top with more K1
4: paint it and try and mimic the texture with a deep pile roller
5: hack it all off and use sand and cement

At present I’m think option 5 is the best.
Thanks in advanced for any advice.



  • Do I start again- Krend
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  • Do I start again- Krend
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  • Do I start again- Krend
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I would try and paint over a section and see if your happy with it, if not I’m sure there is some sort of primer you can put on and then put thin coat over the top