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Corner roller

Discussion in 'MF Systems And Drylining Discussions' started by Paul17, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Paul17

    Paul17 New Member

    Hi all ,

    I carry out the customer care for a house builder and part of this is replacing internal corner tapes.
    I struggle getting that sharp 90 degree and am thing about getting a corner roller .
    Any thoughts much appreciated.

  2. algeeman

    algeeman Private Member

    are you snagging paul ??
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  3. TonyM

    TonyM Private Member

    No need if you’re just snagging. Use fibafuse tape from Belmore. Impossible for it to blow unless you are a total fucktard.

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  4. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Whats a corner roller
  5. algeeman

    algeeman Private Member

    good question sir
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  6. Paul17

    Paul17 New Member

    Hi ,
    Thanks for the replies, yes I carry out the snagging not just tapes but all trades.
    The tapes sometimes blow , ripple ,water damage or have been cut out for access.
    These are occupied and after I have finished the customers are looking closely at what I have done .
    When the boards are short of the ceiling it can be difficult to get that sharp 90 degree .
    I just looked at the fibafuse tape and it looks good for problem areas .

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  7. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Think he means these

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  8. tcd

    tcd Active Member

    try using a corner trowel
  9. Paul17

    Paul17 New Member

    Hi ,

    Yes that is the roller . Have you ever used one ?
    Yes I have a corner trowel which is OK and I can get a decent angle with that and a straight trowel but sometimes when there are gaps at the top of the wall board it's more difficult. For me the customer will inspect that corner and expect it to be perfect . Sometimes the following day I may have to tidy up the angle with some more filler which is a pain .

    Thanks for the replies
  10. essexandy

    essexandy Private Member

    If you've got a gap behind where the tape is going you'd be better off filling it out first with something quick setting. Easifil maybe.
    Once you've got a solid background you should be able to get a good tight angle using an internal trowel.
    If the job has been bodged the first time round do it properly when you go back.
  11. Paul17

    Paul17 New Member

    Yes that's a fair point and probably something I should consider.
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  12. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    :wtf: I gave the right answer

    Who gave me dislike :banda:

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  13. Fatarm

    Fatarm Trainee mod

    No you didn't...you just Googled .corner roller:endesacuerdo:
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  14. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Can’t blag a blagger as they say :endesacuerdo:

    Fair play mate, :coffe:
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  15. Fatarm

    Fatarm Trainee mod

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