Condensation since rendering completed. Help


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Help! Need advice. Had rendering about 1.5 years ago. House is a wimpy fines (concrete structure)
Rendering is fine except the small porch on the front, outer wall originally had thin tiles with a cavity wall. Inside is a small downstairs toilet. Above is a tiled roof which attaches to the house. Inside over the last 6 months in the far top corner (wall which was rendered outside) the plaster has started to flake. (No pipes in this area and roof looks fine)
Thought this might be condensation as the rooms cold anyway however we’ve not had any issues with the plaster before this. I’m thinking it could be to do with the rendering as it’s soaking this morning.
Have no idea when it comes to plastering but now thinking there should be a cavity in the wall? The builder just replaced the tiled wall with a cement mix. Want to try and understand if this is the cause before I call them to get them back to look at it. Thanks in advance.


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oh sorry assumed you had insulated render as you have a wimpy no fine house..
No need to apologise :) when they were doing the render they just used a concrete mix as far as we could see.. husbands had a look at it. Thinks it’s condensation from the cistern, wall under boxing was covered in mould so in the process of removing the toilet now to dry it out. Thanks anyway :)