Champions league final

A spent force
Champions league final
Actually west ham ( @Cockney1 correct me if I.m wrong ) added to ban as they got up to mischief on a ferry . No one died but cause liverpool were biggest name at time you didn't really hear anything about it
Couldn’t care who wins as long as it’s not spoilt by var. think it should only be used for offside in which they’ve scored off. Llorente would of been hard done to to have his goal ruled off for handball. Don’t think spurs will handle the pressing game of Liverpool.
Let's be honest all that says is how f**k**g s**t there league is.

What a farce to simply have 2 teams win every year!
Only 1 team the last 3 years!!! They’d struggle in league 1 down here never mind the premier league or championship
I thought premier league football had finished a few weeks ago lol
hurry up spurs pull the game up off it’s knees