No idea on the Carlite tbh. One thing I’m pretty sure of is that Uni, if it ever came back would need a whole new set of instructions and a new name. It’s a shame because it was a lovely plaster to work with though.
I didn't really see a difference between uni and multi, both not as good as gyproc skim coat !

Is bg the same as gyproc???


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Why can't we buy /use Carlite finish, skim coat ,ect, in the UK.
I know N.ireland use it.
In lockdown I brought a pallet of skim coat, so much easier to use than multi-finish.
I'd pay £10 for a bag no problem.
You need to start selling it over here.
You probably know that most would stop using multi.???
Please let me know
What you like is made in Ireland mate not England my friend orders in bulk to his house still now he says same as you it’s better material,easier to trowel up Tbf I think he pays around same £10