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Can anyone recommend me a course in the East Midlands

Discussion in 'Plastering Courses And Plastering Training Schools' started by J88, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. J88

    J88 New Member


    Can anyone recommend a decent basic plastering course somewhere in the East Midlands area.

    Ideally Part Time evenings or weekends?

    Also on a somewhat related note for future reference what is the quickest way to get NVQ2?

    Thanks for the help
  2. scottie5

    scottie5 Private Member

  3. Lodan

    Lodan Private Member

    Goldtrowel is the best centre for short courses....its in Essex, more important to go somewhere good than somewhere close
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  4. jamesthefirst

    jamesthefirst Private Member

    That reminds of the song;
    "Love someone good not beautiful."
    by me and on my new album out shortly through Flynny promotons.
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  5. J88

    J88 New Member

    Does anyone have experience Trade-Ability in Nottingham. They have some reasonable cost, beginners courses, which can also be done at weekends.

    Although not expecting t pick up loads, its like a decent entry level course?

    After my first post last year I haven't given up on switching careers - job now is really doing my head in.
  6. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Mouldyoldspudgun Active Member

    Are you to old to take a drop in wages by working with a gang or firm and learning the trade from the bucket?
  7. J88

    J88 New Member

    Probably so, would depend on the pay and hours available but will be tough to drop far below £100/day and I don't think I'm going to get near that as a novice and no plastering qualifications or experience.

    Might start painting and decorating, if you can piss you can paint right?!
  8. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Mouldyoldspudgun Active Member

    Painting and decorating? That’s a hobby or something you do to relax not work. I don’t know about your area but I suspect you will find it hard going especially if there are a lot of plasterers in your area
  9. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    I’ve never seen this course before, what things do they cover in the 5 days ?
  10. Lodan

    Lodan Private Member

    It's based in Newark and ran out of a big set of sheds behind the owners house, I went for a look when I was looking at courses, one to avoid
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  11. J88

    J88 New Member

    Thanks Logan,

    I know you recommend the gold trowel courses don't you.

    Will have to look into them more and consider taking holiday to do course
  12. Lodan

    Lodan Private Member

    Everyone calls me logan:(. I started my goldtrowel course 2 years ago on Saturday, its given me a new career so I think very highly of them no matter others opinion
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  13. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    Fuckin courser!
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  14. Lodan

    Lodan Private Member

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  15. Fatarm

    Fatarm Trainee mod

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  16. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    Two years on Saturday eh? You doing anything nice for it? :p
  17. Lodan

    Lodan Private Member

    Can't decide between a bottle of whiskey and a hooker or staying at home with a good book
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  18. J88

    J88 New Member

    So what book are you choosing?
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  19. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    lol :D :D

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