British Gypsum Launches New Plasterboard Size to Support Waste Reduction in Housebuilding

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I think its going to be a bit like chocolate they get smaller as the prices go up...

House builders must buy a lot though for the change to be made


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Gud idea for dotted walls aslong as like Dan says skirting line gap isn't too big as a couple of packers is best cnt be propping board up 70/80mm as joiners will just moan then


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I very rarely do a new build as most are taped and filled but all new extensions are still 2.4. As if they don't make the majority of new builds small as it is without lowering the ceilings


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when we purchase plasterboard from CCF. they have several different length boards .2.4, 2.7 3.0. different widths 1000, 1200.