Blue grit or bond it

Alan b

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Anyone know what the difference is between these two other than the price ?
Oh and don't just say ones better than the other without anything to back it up


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Don't know the technical side to it all, but the green is so much better to use.
Easier to apply for a start and when setting it goes on softer, blue grit can seem a bit hard and scratchy. Green all day


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Blue grit is wank nearly used a whole tub on a artex bedroom ceiling in the summer even after giving it a little whisk it was like spreading treacle,


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I got mine from toolstation it was cheap but when it literally got used up on one ceiling I was like what the fucks going on here :LOL:
don’t use it that often, but when there is a bit of doubt, just usually tolerate blue grit. Have used cementone green grit on a few jobs and definitely nicer to use, but not always to hand so to speak.


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We had some cromar stuff a while back .....too bloody thin, ran down walls onto skirting board
Was orange in tub. ...ended up mixing half blue grit with it to thicken it up (and thin down blue grit)