blocked drains info needed


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has anyone ever had a bad experience with this????
I have a customer that doesn't want to pay, he blames me for blocking his drain.
drains were flowing fine when I left that job and he didn't have any problems for around 5 weeks. during that 5 weeks there was plumbers, tilers, painters and floor layers that used self levelling compound. rainwater also runs into the same drain.
the blockage was 6 meters from his drain so the pipe could only hold about 50 litres.
please look at the pictures and tell\help me. I think it is self levelling compound.
thanks guys


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Tell him you will take a piece and get it tested.if it comes back not plaster then he either pays or you will take him to a small claims court which you would win hands down with evidence.he would pay up straight away.hes probably said same to all the other should of got your money the night or day after you finished.lesson learned


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Only way you know . is if you never put your swills down drain .

So please can you pay my invoice end of !

your welcome


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He's right . Chuck it in the flower beds. Or storm drain .no arguments then . As far as money goes. Get money every Friday. Wages. If things go wrong like this it's not to bad. My quotes say as a sole trader payment is due on day of completion. And give them a invoice every week for money received. Go round there.


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I got one of these a few years ago and highly recommend them mate keep it on the van just in case , I even used it on the street drains once to clear a load of stuff , hope you get sorted



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Pour it down the street drain then swill top off with clean water.wat happens in a street drain I don't care I pay council tax for that but never pour down a domestic drain even the clean water

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If its on to main sewers and surface water runs down there as well. There has been a hell of a lot of what ever poured down for it to block with all rain we have had .


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You do realise when you wash your buckets trowels it may look like dirty water but then it sets at the bottom
the water to plaster ratio washes it away mate, also the rain water went into the same drain. one toilet flush is 9 litres and the average bath is 100 litres. the blockage was less than 6 meters from the drain. 1meter of 100m waste pipe holds 7.8 litres of water.
so do you think I blocked the drain????
I've been on the drainage forum and the say its more common for cement based products ie self levelling and tile adhesive. as appose to gypsum based products.
and bear in mind. the painters were in right after us they would of put plenty water down cleaning there stuff