Black Mold/Damp

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Yeah i guess in the grand scheme of it its not too bad, I think condensation is probably one of the biggest problems for landlords etc so solving the problem is worth while.
Well £250 for the unit £200 for sparky to wire up and a couple hundred to fit and vent though the wall. Soon adds up.
guy,s black mold is a real bummer to treat, cleaning liquid with a constant mold and algeazide preventer (bioblock) is the best way to surface treat

then a paint or thin coat render with the same bioblock init keeps building up the barriers

Saves drastic action anyway
im just starting to do up my new house which is 1970s ish with big windows and waffer thin cavity, no central heating either right now and there is mold spots everywhere and under some of the upstairs windows too from condensation and puddles on sills. doing a room at a time and fitted trickle vents to the old but solid double glazing and pretty much cured all the condensation in the rooms iv done it... got some cheap oil heaters too so the house is warming up some , its the back of the house that is suffering slightly more, being east facing and overlooked, loosing the sun by 10ish AM in places, its cold and once wet(rain) stays damp etc for ages, kitchen tiles ringing wet after some cooking and bathroom tiles the same....

previous owners have drilled and fitted insulated plasterboard to the external walls to help with insulation but iv noticed dots all over the walls of late and guessing he drilled straight into the wall and cold is coming through and travling up through the fixing, leaving mold dots spaced out all over lol not sure how im gunna fix this yet...

im fitting rads and central heating piping as i do each room too, plus fitting the trickle vents so hoping once there is warmth and venting shoould cure most of my problems here....
You need heat aswell as fresh air, the plasterboards are they screwed on or dabbed on ?

Sounds to me that you are getting there, maybe its just a case of once you have finished the renovations you can then wait and see if the problems clear up.

Have you got any extraction in your bathroom and kitchen?

Also how are you drying your clothes, radiators or tumble dryer.

I have done a lot of research over the years on this subject and its always a collection of things that tend to cause the problems.
oh i know exactaly what the problem is, my worry though is now if iv started something or once i stop and decorate the spots will go away.... i use it as my junk room right now and tumble yes, no window open either. they look to be screwed on now i can see all these dots eveywhere lol
haha well i tend to think once you finish the work it then can be compared.

Condensation is a pain, its a balancing act really.
Use mold-resistant products like mold-resistant drywall or mold-resistant Sheetrock, and mold inhibitors for paints. The EPA recommends keeping indoor humidity between 30 and 60 percent. You can measure humidity with a moisture meter.
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