Big top

Charlie 5

A duck walks into a bar...

... and walks up to the bartender to order a pint of lager and a ham and cheese sandwich. The bartender is flabbergasted to see a talking duck, but then quickly proceeds to pour the duck his drink and fetch his sandwich after seeing him get impatient

A few weeks pass and the duck becomes quite the local in the pub ordering the same pint of lager and ham and cheese sandwich. He gets friendly with the bartender and during some small talk the bartender asks what the duck does for a living. The duck explains how he is a plasterer and how work is often quite short round this area.

One day, the circus comes into town and the circus-master comes in for a pint. He gets chatting to the bartender and the bartender suddenly remembers about this talking duck.

“I’ve got a great act for you” said the bartender

“Really? Here is my card, give it to the duck when he next walks in”

The circus master leaves a big tip and leaves the bar

The next day the duck walks in for his usual, but this time the bartender talks to the duck about a new job offer

“I’ve got a fantastic job offer for you” said the bartender

“Oh great! I’m always looking for work” said the duck. “Where is it?”

“The circus!”

“The circus? Where they perform in those great big tents?”

“Yep that’s the one” said the bartender

“Where they all live in caravans?” Said the duck, confused

“You bet”

“Well why the hell would they want a plasterer?”